Monday, 27 May 2013

Story of a SLAVE

Story of a SLAVE

.........“ i will be like him”, he said one day,
Eyeing the man in the suit,
“i will work hard till i have enough paid,
And then i will follow his route.”
Those particular words the master did not like,
And already mad with his demand of a hike,
He caned him and had him beaten,
But the dreams he had woven were not to be broken....

Knee-deep in the pain,
His brain was all dead,
A daily plunge into the gorge of hopelessness,
Drove him utterly insane.

“ i will buy that car” he said the other day,
Eyeing the Bentley zooming on its way,
“I will drive it in the top speed,
And make it out of this weed”
The master overheard the boy’s tone,
And saw him as if he had swallowed a fish bone,
The dream was the same and so was the result,
The master had him caned but the dream remained.

“i want to buy this book” he said one day,
Showing a book in his hand to his master,
“i want to study further and be a rich man,
If i be one, then i will gift you this land.”
The master kicked his butt and shouted at him,
“get lost you moron, your brain is full of whims,
you are never gonna be a rich brat,
you were born into slavery and to this king,
and you rot in it till death gives you a ring.”

That was the end and that was the beginning,
That was the bend he was so keen on hitting.
Now a free man, he had no masters,
But not a single day did he forget his blisters,
He made his own path, Used his tremendous wrath,
To conquer his dreams, To live a life that he owed to none,
To breathe the air that he didn’t have to earn.
He shined like a gem,
And returned to the master’s helm.....

The master had grown old and wrinkled,
He saw a Bentley parking in front of his house,
Thinking who it might be, he adjusted his specs,
And he gulped a lump in his throat,
as he saw the face......

The master was seeing his procurement,
And in his hand he held a document,
“If you had not kicked me then, I would not have fled,
Taking directions from my dream, i could not have led,
i told i will gift you this land if you help me,
And here it is,
Today i am as rich as i wanted to be.”

                                                          PUNYASLOK RATH(27-05-13)


  1. Very well thought. I can relate to it. Candidly written. Strikes all the right chords. Could so well symbolize so much of life. Well done!

    1. i wish i cud say sumthng els dan thnx... :)

  2. Dreams of high magnitude come alive after a lot of torture & struggle.,one who look down on us is d real man behind ones success