Sunday, 16 June 2013

Dissecting a Father's brain

“You know what’s a nightmare to a father-expressing love!!! Ask them for angry looks and their trademark you-will-be-screwed-if-you-do-not-listen-to-me will get them galore, but ask them to tell how much they love their daughters and sons or as a matter of fact any living being, i bet they would stammer or even you may witness blushing if you ask about the right person ;) .” not my words, these are the words spoken by the great, his highness “BUBBLY”(i wish i could have written the original name!!). A guy with the feminine name which is the result of the emotional outbursts he has every now and then. And this is how i thought of dissecting a father’s brain, metaphorically of course!!

If history suggests anything then fathers are essentially the chief bread-earner of the family and with that cometh the great power of being the lynchpin of the family. And as everyone is aware that “with great power comes great responsibility”.. the father is at the helm of all the affairs of the family. Any geek with party shoes would tell you this!! What though is admirable is a father’s quality to carry out that responsibility with such ease that no one around him even gets a hint of the turmoil he goes through. It is that particular quality which makes him the “father”.

Not that every guy is born to behave as a father, they are simply moulded into one. Mostly by looking up to their own parents guys simply follow the apply-what-you-experience method. The point of talking however is the time when a normal guy transforms himself into a father figure. Just like the hot iron is made into a tool by applying pressure on it, guys become fathers by the pressure society applies to them after marriage. We live in an age where we very often talk about the society norms and rules regarding a girl. Well, there are some for the men too (if you are respectable enough to follow them).

If you are a married man then you are expected not to behave as a guy....that is not to behave like you have in all your past years!!! That is a hell of a change, i tell you!! You need to be disciplined, respected, endearing and blah blah blah!! Your wings are more or less clipped by the society. Suddenly you find yourself responsible for a woman and a child( or children) in a few years. You take all the tough financial decisions when all you previously did was to earn and spend it on your luxuries. You are required to find the best education for your children and may be the best beauty parlour for your lady!!

Fathers have an uncanny ability to show themselves as devoid of any motherly emotions such as love and care. Well, they are not emotionally devoid ; they are just the people who learn not to let emotions affect their decisions and judgements for they know the true impact of a decision on a family. A house needs someone to look up to. It needs someone on whom they can rely at all times. It needs someone who will be their “man of steel” in the hour of need. It needs someone who does not break when something drastic happens. It needs to respect someone who is wise enough to show them the direction. It needs someone trustworthy to believe that the path he shows is not wrong. A house needs a father and that is what a father does.

A mother’s love may cross the metaphorical “seven seas” for her child, but it is the father who pays for the trip. A mother’s love may have the power to convince her child to fight with a disease, but it’s the father who provides him with the treatment. A mother flinches when he sees her child injured, but a father never does that because he has to be the epitome of strength. Not that i am taking any sides, but one seldom sees the roles fathers play. Man sacrifices many a things to become the father he is expected to be.

On this Father’s day let’s respect what our fathers have done for us all these years. From completing our dreadful school projects to attending out numerous PTA meeting to giving us the best of everything..... they deserve every bit of attention and love. Happy Father’s Day.   J