Saturday, 22 June 2013


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“I would never tell my kid to do anything like this”, this is what I thought when my dad once forced me to call a receptionist of a hotel and talk to her about some reservations. I was in class 9th and was a total chicken!!! Now I realise that his disciplinarian attitude has made me better than many of my peers and I would always silently thank him for that. ;-)

So how could I have left off this perfect opportunity to thank him in front of the whole social media? My dad loves quoting his thoughts since he has got a way with words. So here are a few quotes that I would never forget from my daddy dearest.

1.     ““I am the best.” The world won’t even listen to you if you do not believe that you are.”

Believe in yourself is what he wanted to say. It’s the belief that can do wonders to the way you work and how people perceive it. If you of all persons do not believe that you are the best then there is no reason for anyone else to believe in you.

2.     “Everyone is good, unless proved otherwise”-

His job requires him to correctly judge a person and as far as i know, seldom has he failed. In his own words, he just described his simple formula for handling enormous number of people with total ease and complete success.

3.     “once you are in, spend like a king”

This was something he said when I was being hesitant to order a dish in a restaurant owing to its heavy price. He said that once you commit to do something then put all your heart and soul in it. Either do it with all you have or leave it. Straying in the mid way would just leave you frustrated and unhappy.

4.     “Do not change your goal if confronted with failure; change your way to approach the goal.”

He taught me not to be disheartened when faced with a failure, but to learn lessons from it. He fiercely pumped competitiveness among my basic qualities. The “never-say-die” attitude is something I proudly inherit from my father.

5.     “People will come and go, but cherish the relationships which are close to you and hold them tight.”

Being employed in a transferable job, we had to travel to quite a few places. As a teenager I always hated changing schools and friend circles, but my father taught me that change is the only constant in life. The only thing one can do is to find relations which would be worth cherishing for a lifetime. Today I have a few friends almost everywhere I lived and all of those relationships constitute my second family!!

6.     “Never ever expect anything from anyone.”

This was one of the most important lessons I learnt from my father. These were one of his favourite lines and he strictly adhered by this. He inspired me to give my best in everything and not to expect anything in return. He said that the universe has its own curious ways of giving back what you deserve. Patience is a virtue I learnt by following this in my life.

7.     “First impressions should never last long.”

Contrary to the popular phrase “first impressions last long”; my father was from the school of thought that first impressions should never cloud your judgement of a person. On certain occasions he would even demonstrated me this very fact. I realised late in my life that all my close friends had horrible first impressions. It was may be because of my father that I did not let their first impressions impair my judgement of them.

8.     “Believe in God but not in fate.”

My father has never ever blamed his fate for anything that has gone wrong in his life. Though he is very religious, he maintains that it is only you who decides what course your life takes. Nobody can ever control your fate.

9.     “This too shall pass.”

My father taught me never to surrender to the stalling tactics of life. No matter how bad the situation was he always said the above line which gave us glimmer of hope.

10. Besides his lovely quotations, one thing that has penetrated my personality just by observing my dad is his willingness to work. Never in my life have I seen him complain for an overload of work. He hardly every sits idle. Even on Sundays he would find himself some work and keep himself busy in it. He loves organizing things and this inherited quality in me has helped me a lot during my college days.