Sunday, 7 July 2013

When You Say Nothing At All


When i touched your face in sleep,
There was a flicker of smile beneath,
But now your love’s gone,
And the fake flicker gives no relief.

There was a time we used to call,
Out of nothingness and all,
I could feel the warmth of your voice,
The charm of your being and poise.

Though on the same bed we lay side by side,
We lie down thousands of miles apart,
You vowed to walk by me till demise,
But now that you’re willing to depart,
I know not what to make out of my life,
The one who mattered being the reason of this strife.

The rain outside seems depressing now,
The drops resemble my tears somehow,
The grumpy sky seems to go paranoid,
The wet earth is certainly annoyed.

There is a sea of vivid emotions,
Caged like a hungry tiger,
Going through the numerous notions,
With desperation spreading like venom of viper.

There are a hundred reasons i have accounted for,
I’m ready to take all the blame if it ends the fall,
Just speak up where we went wrong,
It kills me within when you say nothing at all.

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