Friday, 13 April 2012

guide to a girl's vocabulary

A physicist can certainly simplify the theory of parallel universe or the theory of relativity for you......a biologist can certainly explain the complex mechanisms of a biological creature to economics teacher can of course state an intriguing problem of the diabolic economics system in an easy-to-understand way.....but.......none....i repeat....none can ever explain, make easy-to-understand, state, simplify, account, describe, report, distinguish or decipher what goes on in a girl’s ‘emotionally brainiac’ mind!!!

They want a thing, they think the other, they say something else, and they mean none!! Oh yea......welcome to a girl’s mind.....where 2+2 may be 232435423455644534.....(you never know)!! Well, the poor man is many a times the prey of the feigned vocabulary of women. So in this times of great difficulty where global warming is threatening to wipe out the whole human race, where the arms race is blinding the greater notions of sociology in humans, where sheela is getting ”jawan” and munni is getting “badnaam” (sorry chameli.....i decided to go with the originals!!).....the ‘man’kind certainly needs a “girl’s dictionary”-

1-ok.......bye....-if that is said in a falling tone over the phone and your bad luck decides to act such devil as to disconnect the call at that time....then dude, YOU ARE S.C.R.E.W.E.D!! When a girl says so in a sad voice she means-“talk to me damn it else i am gonna kill you!!”. was my fault- and if you ever agree to it what you face next shall be worse than the atom bomb dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Never ever agree that it was her fault......what she actually means is-“you better apologise fast !!”

3-how do i look??- Your only option is to declare that even if Cinderella would have existed, she would have beaten her to the title of miss universe. She does ask for an opinion but she takes only one answer. If you want to be doomed then you may take the risk of vying your other options. Best of luckJ

4-we are just friends- it’s almost an age-old saying!! The Bollywood has repeatedly proved this fact deceptive. Starting from the yesteryear movies like “kuch kuch hota hai” to the recent movie “jane tu ya jane naa” to the even recent movie “mujhse fraandship karoge”.....this genre of Bollywood has sternly established the fact that-‘a guy and a girl can never be the best of friends’. So, next time you happen to hear it from a girl......take your chances....

5-so what’s the big deal??- you may have faced an accident and it may not be a big deal.......but even if a girl has only just witnessed an accident and she says it was a big deal then DO NOT oppose would entitle yourself for another horrible accident if you do so!!

6-i just want sometime alone- nope!! She wants you to be with her till she cries her heart out. Girls may be cunning in manipulation but have hearts of 24 carat gold when it comes to dealing with the ones they love. They would never admit that they need you to be gotta catch the signs....and just be there for your friend J

7-i don’t have a boyfriend- it’s still a mystery as to why a girl generally refuses ‘possessing’ a boyfriend even when she has one. While many girls may disagree.....but that’s the guy verdict i took on this(i personally asked nearly 50 boys!!)

Well, now you have a perfect idea of what to think and what not to do when next time a girl utters any of these phrases.......girls indeed are funny creatures. If you come across any such ”curious case of a girl’s vocabulary” take it as your solemnised duty to share it for the betterment of the ‘man’kind...!!!!


  1. disagree wid point no.4 nd point no. 7...
    i do have a bf and a boy whoz my bstst frnd!!!!
    bdw agreed to al odr points.. grls r too dfclt to handle...

  2. sinc u hv both....u cn handl it.....try havng only a bst frnd....u l noe d diff!!

  3. all the points true...
    coz even if a gal smiles u can neva noe whats on her mind...
    i think if a gal had created FACEBOOK, then the home page would hav shown "What's on My Mind..."
    Isn't it P.S.R...

    1. haha.....thnk god mark zukerberg is a guy!!
      n tru dude.......psychologists must b hvng der most tuf sessions wid grls!!

  4. HAHAHAHA...

    1. glad i cud mak a "grl" laf wid dis :)