Saturday, 17 March 2012


One fine day sit on the roof with no one except moon and the stars accompanying you......feel the silence and think about you were in your past. The best and worst thing about past is it is the reason of our present. It is the choices and decisions we made then that we are like this now. Now think how you were in the past and how are you now......and you know what would be the most common reaction after the session?? would be-“OMG, i was such an idiot back then!!”......yes......that, my friend, would be the reaction of an average human being.......if that’s not your reaction then i am sure you are extraordinary (no offence!!). We keep evolving with the times.....we mature with our experience. Now the reason for that stupid reaction is that now we are more mature than we were in our past. That’s why we were “idiots” back then but are normal right now. A bit later in future we would term this phase as our “idiot” phase and we would have become normal then...... Truth is we never actually get over our idiot phase......we were and will always remain idiots. When i think about myself 4-5 years back i think “shiiiiii, i was such a dumbass.......i had horrible dressing sense......i never took care of how i looked......always flashed my gums.....yuck!!!!”.....not that now i am an enigmatic persona.....but i have developed what is called a decent personality......though i haven’t developed much in the dressing sense part (my sister still thinks i have a horrible dressing sense!!) the point is.......we will never be perfect for ourselves....those who become perfect live in a myth.
P.S.-all the personal part in the post is partly is not to be taken seriously.....;)
(1.i was never a dumbass
2.i never flashed my gums!!!!)


  1. It really feels just too good to go on and on thinking of our wonderful past and smiling faintly... Probably. there are times when only we can give ourselves the best company reliving the past and dreaming the future...

    1. true dt.......pst is a treasure box......:)