Sunday, 13 May 2012


You brought me to this place,
And it’s under your caring gaze,
I learned all the tricks and trades,
To live in this world full of spades....

I don’t remember my crying days,
When on your lap i laid,
And you made me eat,
With your tender arms,
With all the patience and infinite charms.....

You played with me when i was bored,
You picked me up when i was thrown,
You made me laugh when i was crying,
You gave me courage when i was triying...
And here i am,old enough to take my care,
But you will always be in my prayer,
I wish you live a hundred years,
And hope those years would be bereft of tears......

You are a bird and i am a feather,
I will always be your part,
As i wish you mother......

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