Friday, 1 June 2012

BEING 21...!!

DAD: lets go....
Finally the wait was over........wondering what’s all that?? Well, all that is a part of being 21!!!
The other night my family went out to dinner accompanied by another . Among the 7 persons present, 4 were females and 3 were males.......more importantly the males were 40+.....
So, there i was...standing adrift....gazing at the road.....counting the number of cars passing my imaginary toll gate (for free!!)....
My problem was very damn simple- “i am 21....!!”
If you are a guy my age, i guess the above sentence would be self-explanatory. Boy, its hell out there for guys of my age. We are a damned species which are capable of only mingling with our types. It’s an age where you cannot stand by your sister and your mother while they talk to others in their tribe about the never-ending saas-bahu sagas and serials and of course’s an age where you can’t stand by your father talking to his colleagues about work (for god’s sake you are in a break!!!stop talking work!!)’s not the age where you can stand by the li’l boys who do nothing other than making a lot of fake noise while discussing the latest gizmos and WWE......... and certainly not by the girls who, in the whole world, discuss about the count of their dolls and how the one they had was broken by the neighbourhood badmaash!!!!(plz grow up soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Our species which has a particular jargon has been the bête noire for those who do not belong to it since time immemorial!!! Unless you have someone in those stupid family meets who knows how it is to be 21, how it is to thrive with the hostile hostel food, how it is to have kick-ass fun with friends, how it is to have girl”friend”-issues, how it is to abuse without any would be bored to a beyond death experience!!
So, next time you are in a situation i was of luck counting the cars!!!...:p
P.S.-i even counted the number of lighting sources......144!!


  1. True story!
    btw...valid for 20 year olds as well.:)

  2. actly its valid 4 guys frm 19-26.....:p