Saturday, 22 September 2012

A chat with GOD

A chat with GOD

A fine morning with my alarm buzzing,
God visited me with a sacramental hissing,
Like a typical Bollywood masala flick,
I folded my hands and touched his feet,
And asked him on the top of my voice,
“How has here the heavens descended?
Has some random chick complained? (*wink*)
Or do you come by your own choice??”
“Khaaaamosh!!!!!!” he said in the shatrughan sinha style,
“in the heavens i read your file.
You tiny creature, you talk too high,
It is me, who made friendship,
And when with them, you challenge my might??!!
What do you think are friends of thee??!!!
They are not God, they are not me!!”
“errr...dear God, if i may interrupt,
Can i tell you what i think of my friends??”
“it better be good, it better be clean,
Tell me exactly what do they mean.”
Ok. Here it goes....

A bunch of retards,
A flock of mallards.
A drum without a membrane,
A photo without a frame.
A broken scooter,
A silent hooter.
A limited connectivity wi-fi,
A six fingered hi-five.
A damaged gramophone,
A baraat party in a mourn.
The kindergarten’s howl,
The sawariya towel.
An ever-leaking tap,
A himesh reshamiya without a cap.
A novel without an author,
A bald harry potter.
A poonam pandey movie,
A classical song gone groovy.

That’s what friends mean,
Never what you want,
Never what you think,
Never what you ask,
But all that you need.
They are a cluster of mismatch,
But with you they form a tiny patch,
Of unique understanding and bond,
Of being in happy and sorrow,
Call them today or morrow.
In your sweet world,
Where people come with statutory warning,
Of changing their colour with their meaning..
I found a bunch of epileptics,
Who can make me laugh,
Even on the day of apocalypse!!
Patiently hearing me till i had said,
The almighty God now sat on my bed,

“now i see the reason for your stubborn,
Now i see the reason you challenge my might..
But since i am angry,
I ought to give you a treat,
And you are late to the director’s class,
Since it’s already eight!!”
And lo!!!holy mother of shit!!!
God turned into an alarm clock,
When my friend kicked me in my butt!!
“i’m going, you sleeping princess,
Best of luck attending the class,
If at all you can save your ass!!!”
                                   PUNYASLOK RATH(22-09-12)