Friday, 16 November 2012

Till I Find You....

Till i find you

I will wait till I find you,
may be in my dreams,
may be in my screams,
but I’ll search wherever I can,
‘coz I’m sure for me He’s got a plan.

I might bump into others on the route,
Think that they were your silhouette,
Not because I want to be deviated from you,
Not because there are only a few,(as good as you)
But only because you make me realise,
That i deserve much better & you are my prize.

I’ll wait till I find you,
May be in a restaurant,
Staring at me from distant,
May be we would both be on separate dates,
Till we figure out we are soul mates,
I might take time to see this,
But you would know how stupid i can be,
And hit me on my head when saying those words,
Which i should ideally be saying bending on my knee.

May be you will find me sitting on the marine drive being a vella,
And come to me like Princess Cinderella,
Or maybe i will meet you today at school,
Writing my name on the bench with you,
I might be romancing other girls, might be busy or even might get heartbroken....
But I’ll wait..........till find you.
                                                            PUNYASLOK RATH(16-11-12)

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