Sunday, 30 December 2012


Reincarnating in this new world,
I get to hear noises galore,
Though i made out that some were pensive voices,
But there were others with opposite choices.

As i tore the cocoon and plunged into the stream,
I saw my face in the broken mirror of self-esteem,
And when my soul was beginning to settle,
An ominous loud thud begged to prove my mettle.

The devil hath arrived with its arms and ammunitions,
With rituals and rites and customs and traditions,
They sought to tear me apart even when i was enveloped,
But the blessings of the cocoon had me protected,
Since it was defeated by our resolute,
It had returned to seek what i refute.

It wanted me to be dead as i was born,
But why was i the one to be scorned?
I have not even set my foot here,
I have not even uttered a word to hear,
I have not seen the smiles i bring,
I have not yet fulfilled any need,
Yet you have decided to pluck me out like a weed??
I have not troubled my mom yet,
I have not become my daddy’s princess,
I have not bothered my brother yet,
I have still not wetted my petite bed.....

What is my mistake you are punishing for?
What is your right to perform this devilish chore?
Do i not have any say?
And how could you decide whether i had to stay?

When i was coming down to earthly hell,
Mr. white beard cared something to tell,
He gave me all the goodie goodie things,
And told me to descend from the heavens.
Nipping the bud is not what i had been taught,
Frowning upon my birth is not what i had expected,
The heavens had said i was going to a good place,
And i would always remain under HIS caring gaze.
But my heart sank as i landed here,
the searing looks, The scowling faces,
The clenched fists that banged against the benches,
The despondent hands that went to the forehead,
The brows that frowned, the expressions that feigned,
The whole face that depicted the holocaust reign.

Please let me live......
I do not have anything to bribe,
But i do have my resolute to thrive,
I do have my innocence to prove,
That i am not a burden but a fluke,
I am not the harbinger of worldly misdeed,
But the root to grow another seed.....

PUNYASLOK RATH(29/05/2012)

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