Sunday, 17 November 2013

To another ‘Us’

To another ‘Us’

The first time we met, you were so little and so was I,
You were such a babbler and I was so damn shy,
You were so effortlessly serene and I was with the monkey-grin face,
And when I teased you, your rate of anger matched my heart’s pace.

Then we grew up and sometimes I wonder why did we?
We started giving names to the emotions and defining the way we feel.
I wish I could change the time’s time-table,
Would’ve turned our sorry tale to an excellent fable.
To be here with you like this was not something I planned for,
But I guess, that’s what you get when you keep asking for more.

Well, you were my princess and I was even building us a castle,
Our world was heaven and our lives were meant to be free of any hassle,
But then reality sunk in and we had to build worlds of our own,
By the time I built mine and looked back at ours, it was all stone.

Now that we have grown up, we probably know how we feel,
And it sucks, knowing something for sure and hoping it’s not real,
Knowing that after all these years, you are here and so am I,
Knowing that this is going to be my toughest good-bye.

Like it does for so many hopeless romantics, the moon serves as my liaison,
Witnessing this event of my life, when my sun goes down the horizon.
Imagining our lives together was so beautiful,
But alas, here I am standing on the top of the world,
Raising a toast to another time, to another place…….to another ‘us’.


  1. Childhood love..a bit unclear...why pray thee is it having a sad ending?

    1. i would raather say it has an "optimistic" ending.