Monday, 30 January 2012

i am a student....

Its 3 o clock,
And i cant get to sleep,
As i walk the block,
I have appointments to keep,
Not that i am a biz-whiz,
Not that i am a crusader,
Not that i have a mistress to kiss,
Not that i am a peacemaker,
But i am a student......
I have appointments with my books,
Yearning for my attention,
Long deprived of which,
Are kept in the shelves for an eternal,
And now that the exams have invaded,
I have to guard against them,
The books are my soldiers,
But i need to muster them.
Oh demon examination,
I admit i am terror stricken,
Thou subjects are scary,
with the weightage they carry,
but i am no chicken,
i have my armour sharpened,
i will hail thou thundering storm,
i will win my credits,
i will battle thou feisty form,
i will push my limits.
I swear to god,
At the end of the war,
I will emerge as winner,
With a performance a par .
The battle would end,
But not the fight,
I know you will b back,
And i will wait for you,
Once again to defeat .
You would seek redemption,
But i am here to deny,
You would return to action,
I m gonna kick you good bye.

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