Monday, 11 June 2012

“Lost and found: GOD”

this poem is dedicated to all those incarnations of GOD who make this world a lovely place to live in......"MAA"

Oh god! Where are you?
Mom says you are everywhere,
then why can't i see you,
however hard i stare?
Then why do they even care,
About going temples & singing prayer?
Why can’t they decorate my computer like your house?
Why can’t they sing it while watching tom cat & jerry mouse?
Why in temples we pay the priests,
And discard the beggars like some weeds,
Are they not where you reside,
Or is it upon us to decide??

Is it something special in the morning?
That i have to pray in school assembly which is boring.
Is it necessary that we stand in a queue?
As if we are paying something which is due.
I go to the doctor uncle when i’m hurt,
But why at first your name does my mom blurt?
Do you have many bodyguards in your vicinity?
That mom asks you every time for my security.
What did you give my mom in her life?
That she thanks you so much all the time.
Why is that i can’t wear my underwear like superman?
Why did you give him all the powers,
and made me a normal human?
Why do you have so many names?
Are you another Ricky Bahl playing dirty games?

Mom says you control the world,
Then why is the govt. increasing the petrol price?
Why are the black things on a rise?
And why did you let my snowy die??:’(
Oh god! Where are you?
If you are everywhere,
Then why can’t i see you?
Are you a John Cena fan,
Who says “You can’t see me”?
Or are you the ghost in my infancy,
Which never came to kidnap me?
If you are there then prove it to me,
I’ll close my eyes and count one, two, three,
Come and show me your face,
I have many many things to express,
“what have you been doing??”
“uh, MOM...i was just remembering....................YOU”...


  1. i loved the questions which u put up to god in a poetic way :)n the title too. even i had similar questions when i was a kid....but i guess to have the answers now :)

  2. :)....glad u connected to the poem....and about the answers-it was good when we didn't know them.

  3. Very realistic and sooo innocent. I'm sure many children share the same sentiment. God is no where in rituals, he is in the purity of heart which is so easy for a child to see. The reason why children connect to God so easily and adults don't because they make the most obvious so difficult.

    Keep writing... :))