Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Story of a WORKAHOLIC!!

I am a workaholic!! I get into my suicidal tendencies when i am not given any work.....i get into acute depression when my brain is stagnant!!! I feel as if the diseases have surrounded me with all their machine guns and snipers fully loaded...waiting to fire at me. The only difference is they just threaten to kill...they do not actually kill. And the period when you anticipate your death is the most dreadful of all. I love being in organization groups. I love planning things out. i love waiting for things to happen as i have planned them. I love to make my brain think.

And i did a grave mistake of conveying this to some of my elders.....they said-“do something creative”........Well, i got many creative ideas- television with repeating ekta-kapoor type serials even on the news channels (i bet you she must have bought the news channels too!!!!) oggy and the cockroaches on “cartoon network”(i gotta be kidding myself!!!), watch the music channels who go on playing the same songs and i get sick of changing channels
c. watch the sports channels which display ”this channel is not available in your package”(they  vend those serial channels so cheap.....and sell the sports channels as if only privileged class people are allowed to see sports!!!) or....
d.i can wash my clothes which are stinking, courtesy my exams!!

My brain is rotting in stagnation!!!!then how am i supposed to think creative????!!!!

And i am not to be mistaken as someone who does loads of work every day.......i am not the great Sherlock Holmes who literally dies when he is out of work. if i got a class at 8.50 in the morning....even though i bunk them....but at night before sleeping i at least plan to bunk or not. That is kind of “work” i am referring to!!!!

Another peculiar thing that i have noticed is-on general days when i have a tight schedule due to my academics, i write much more articles and poems (i am a self-proclaimed writer!!cheers!!)than on the days when i am free. Now what does this say about me?? That i work good under pressure?? No!!!!!it says that i am fucking insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD bless me!!!!!

First i complain that i have no work and take up lots of work. Then the work gets me worked up and i think of giving up the work. But i fail in giving up the work since i love doing work. Then i grumble about the work because i get over-worked. If the work is stripped off me then i loathe being not in work!!!!!

PS-congos if you crossed the fiery article and reached here...... sure would have got your brain “worked up”...;)


  1. some where or the other i could relate to ur post!! though i often dont read such long posts but tis one held on to me ..twas tat interesting !

  2. Hey nice piece u got here :)