Friday, 13 January 2012

The JOURNEY.....

The other day i was watching the English television series “how i met your mother”....and the protagonist was having problems with his plans about life. He had planned a super successful life along with a family life but clearly he was struggling with both. That’s when he was made understood that in life the end points do not matter as much as the journey does......which is true indeed. How many times has it happened that we spent hours planning something and that event turns out some other way?? it has happened to me many many fact it almost happens every time to me. My roomie says “mere life me maine aj tak jo bhi plan kiya hai wo kabhi nai hua hai.”
Well, many a times we all know what those end points of the journey are going to be but still we fail to enjoy the journey because we try to reach the end of the expedition without going through the adventures and the fallouts. Once the voyage is set in motion it is bound to end somewhere.....but what we completely do not notice is that we are far too much focussed on the outcome than the things that lead us to the end.  We miss the little joys in the journey. It’s actually a very simple concept......sample this.....after four years of college when we would be reminiscing our college life we would not recall how perfectly we studied or how perfectly we obeyed our teachers......but we would fondly remember any case of us breaking rules and regulations and facing the consequences. We all want our life to be perfect....but believe me perfect is very’s like we know what’s gonna happen takes all the suspense out of the future. It’s the disorder in life that makes it exciting and worth remembering.
Enjoy the trek in your life....even if you slip....ultimately you will scale the peak.....and when you reach there you would only be remembering the slips.....the true journey.