Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Public Display of Affection.....a juvenile crime??

The new generation has outgrown the older ones in many fields......many desirable and many undesirable.....and many questionable. One of them is the Public Display of Affection a.k.a PDA........does this ring a bell in your mind?? How many times have you kissed your girlfriend sitting on the park’s bench?? How many times have you held her hands in your hands and walked down a public place inviting weird looks??  If yes, then you have qualified for a so-called juvenile crime called PDA. Only yesterday i found myself in such a situation where i was walking down a lane with a girl and i noticed whoever was passing by us were stealing a glance as if we were committing a crime....!! i was neither kissing her nor was i holding her hands.....yet i was made feel as if i was doing something wrong. That’s when i thought to write this.
Our generation has everything heightened about them. When they are happy they party as hard as possible, when they are sad they go into depression very easily.....we seldom plan our future as our parents did....we are more of living in the present and enjoying it to the fullest. So, even when it comes to emotions they are too huge to be hidden even in the that’s why PDA!!
Mind you, i am not advocating PDA......all i want to say is it’s not bad and is certainly not an act of offence. It can be over the line sometimes.......but maximum times it is blown out of proportion. PDA is good enough when it is done within limits. It is just awkward in the Indian culture to witness a PDA . And to all those for whom its awkward to witness a pda......the western culture becomes the easy target!! Why everyone does have to point out western culture for anything that is “out of culture”?? if we like western culture then there’s a reason to it also....why can’t people appreciate the good points in it and try to avoid the bad ones?? Nothing in this world is perfect....and so is culture.
PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION is no evil....if there is an evil at all then it’s in our heads that is making us believe that a harmless display of emotions threatens our centuries old bona fide culture.

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