Friday, 23 December 2011

Cheers to LIFE!!!

a poem dedicated to my bst frnd.....whos lively spirit helpd me think dis way!!THANK YOU

reach the peak of a mountain,
Apex of a fountain,
Touch the limit f d sky,
go where a rocket could fly,
take a bungee jump,
stamp my authority with a thump,
notch the top speed in a racing,
win d opponent in a chasing,
steal the thunder of the clouds,
scream like a rock star,
with wide open arms,
atop of Eiffel tower,
cause havoc in the times square,
take all the rides in a fun fair,
hit the disco at midnight,
dance the hell out there,
and come back undrunk(!!!!),
go to the Miami beach,
have a sunbath,
and watch pleasant sights there....:)
play electronic guitar,
break it into pieces ,
scream a song,
and show the middle finger,
with the crowds raging,
with my name chanting,
fire a machine gun in air,
work with a hotty as pair,
dive underwater,
play with fishes,
fight with sharks,
and ride the blue whale,
be the king of the jungle,
and send a bone-chilling roar....

say cheers to life,
give it a toast,
life’s a game,
to be played hard,
play it fair,
or you will fall apart,
the fate mocks you,
you gotta face it with a smile,
your luck abandons you,
you gotta be agile,
you won’t get another chance,
this is the one,
treat it as your last,
and see the fun.....