Monday, 12 December 2011

are u a favourite??

Its difficult to be the favourite of everyone around you. I wonder how people manage that. As a person you always want to be favoured by all. But that seldom happens to someone. Maybe for that you have to forego your attitude, your self-respect sometimes......but i guess it’s worth it. It comes naturally to maximum people who have it. They don’t have an attitude at all. They have a self-respect though and its adorable the way they handle people around them. Ego is something you won’t find in their dictionary. Its good.....but everyone can’t be like that......not me specially.
But i am happy the way i am. I have people i care about and people who care about me. They are my world. I don’t need anybody else in my life. though they are very few....but they are more than enough for me. i have my attitude and those who live with it become my friends.....not that i dominate them. I love all of them very much......and i can sacrifice my attitude and ego a hundred times to make them happy.