Monday, 12 December 2011


a happy addition to the sea of tears,
an obnoxious addiction to the darkest of fears,
in this world,
the light goes dark,
the day turns night,
the ray stark bleak,
the life turns death,
the smile means frown,
as the passion dies out,
the end takes over,
as the hope fizzes out,
the death inches near,
as the sun gives in,
to the dark thick clouds,
as the smoke fills in,
rendering everything blur,
as the winds die down,
everything starts to choke,
as the fire whips out,
everything turns cold,
the earth has brust,
torn apart its crust.....

all go down,
we all drown,
in the world we created,
the majestic universe,
has come down to its knees,
it has no strength,
to go on offence......

and that’s how it ends,
there’s no superman,
to stage some miracles,
to break all the shackles....
welcome to reality,
where there’s no anonymity,
what happens has to happen,
there’s no way to change,
we face what we do,
there’s none to bail out,
God ain’t gonna help,
He’s the masterplan,
you shout or yell,
there’s no way out of hell....
it’s you,
what you gonna do,
now,today or tomorrow,
there’s happy and there’s sorrow,
whatever you wish to borrow,
you just have to act,
there’s no other pact,
to have yourself in tact....
so think what you do,
face the fate or write it,
ultimately it’s you who has to fight it.