Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Power Packed Pessimism

A pessimist is one who sees the glass as half empty in the” is-the-glass-half-full-or-half-empty” theory. But pessimism is not as villainous as it is thought to be. It’s just a way of perceiving things in an out-of-the-box way....a bit differently.

There’s a silver lining in everything that “seems” bad. Likewise the pessimists have a silver lining to their personality too. They don’t expect anything from anyone.....that makes them the underdogs in life.....which means no expectations. They can bounce back in any situation if they get an impulse. Be it optimism or pessimism.....every attribute of a persona has some sort of energy associated with it. One just needs to know how to harness it. Say i am a if i fail to perform a task assigned by my boss then i would not be horribly devastated because i would never have expected me to complete that......i would not have expected anything fancy from me. That’s what would make me get out of depressing situations faster if at all i indulge in some.

No doubt positive thinking is bliss......but those who think negatively are not hunched in life. They just have to know how to use their pessimism in an optimistic manner. You see my friend.......even in maths two negatives make a positive!!:)

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