Saturday, 10 December 2011

short temper......shot temper...;)

Having a short temper is a blunder!!!! You just feel like shouting at anybody at any place and at any’s a curse!!! Mix ego with it and it becomes lethal weapon for self destruction. Even if someone is right but if that person shows his temper at that place, it takes no time for him to be on the wrong side.
Someone has rightly said that anger is a powerful’s upon us how we use it....if we use it constructively then it would help us else it would destroy us. Believe me, the person who has a short temper regrets it the instant he is cooled off....but generally he has a big ego. So saying a sorry to the anti-party is ruled that leaves him with an unwanted situation.......he has got a wound himself to nurse....the wound of guilt.......and he has given a wound to the opposite side as well. No one benefits in this short-temper business. Many say intelligent people solve fussy situations without any fuss......but that does not make short-tempered people fool. It’s a quality which can always be controlled. All it needs is practice....and if you have some help (may be from your girlfriend!!) then it would be great.

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  1. i can understand...for sme1 who z as short temperd as u...anger management classes r definitely needed!